Title: Levy-Eskot

Levy-Eskot is a specialist record shop opened in October 1997 in the town centre of Joensuu, Finland. We sell records both used and new as well as music t-shirts, magazines and sometimes tickets. We also buy vinyl and CDs. Our specialization is rock and jazz; at the moment, we have some 6000 CDs and more than 1000 vinyl discs for you to choose from.

The site of our shop has changed twice, or actually, only once, because in early October 2005 we returned to the very same premises where we once started at. The location is original, the staff is older, but the interior is brand new.

You are very welcome to take a closer look at the shop and at our product range!

Record Shop Levy-Eskot - Kauppakatu 27, 80100 Joensuu, tel. +358 13 228 292 and +358 400 960 910

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