Title: New Releases

This is a list of the most interesting new and upcoming releases. Please note that even if several labels are included here, this list is far from exhaustive; rather, it is a selection from a wide variety of titles, intended to satisfy our customers' most urgent need for information. Release dates may change. Our aim is to have the records listed here available in our shop on the day of their release. If you want to make sure that you get your freshly released record brand spanking new, we recommend that you make a reservation in advance.

This list has been updated on January 18th, 2018

Just released:

Abduktio: Jotain palaa (12" 12,95)
Benny Anderson: Piano (CD 19,95)
Beast in black: Berserker (CD 19,95, CD DIGIPACK 21,95, LP 24,95)
Björk: Utopia (CD 17,95, LP 29,95)
David Gilmour: Live at Pompeii (2CD 21,95, 2DVD 26,95, BLURAY 26,95)
Hard action: Hot wired beat (CD 16,95, LP BLACK 19,95)
Five Finger Death Punch: A Decade of destruction (CD 19,95)
Maria Gasolina: Pitkää siltaa (CD 19,95, LP 21,95)
Morbid angel: Kingdoms disdained (CD 19,95, DIGIPACK CD 21,95, LP 29,95)
Rolling stones: On air (CD 17,95, DELUXE CD 24,95, 2LP 36,95)
Van Morrison: Versitale (CD 17,95, LP 27,95)
Saimaa: Urheilu-Suomi (2CD 19,95)
U2: Songs of experience (CD 19,95, DELUXE CD 24,95, 2LP 39,95)
Von Hertzen Brothers: War is over (CD 19,95, LP 26,95)
Neil Young& Promise of the real: The Visitor (CD 19,95)

Coming soon 2017:

Remu and his all stars: Live at Tullikamari (CD 19,95)

First Aid Kit: Ruins (CD 19,95, LP 24,95)
Ghost: Ceremony and devotion (2CD 21,95, 2LP 29,95)
Have you ever seen the Jane Fonda aerobic vhs?: Jazzbelle 1984/1987 (CD 16,95, LP 24,95)
Lasten Hautausmaa: III (CD 16,95, LP BLACK 21,95,LP GREY 23,95 )

Machine Head: Catharsis (CD 19,95, CD+DVD 23,95, 2LP 29,95)

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