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This genre is actually more variable than the name may lead to believe, as this is the shelf for all music that does not fit properly in any other section. From Tori Amos to Frank Zappa and everything in between.

This is definitely the heaviest category in our shop, both in numbers and for its content. This section includes everything from heavy to death metal, from AC/DC to Rob Zombie.

If you like progressive rock and psychedelia, here's your magic shelf of choice. Names like Pink Floyd, King Crimson and Wigwam reside in here, as does acid rock.

At Levy-Eskot, we use the following working definition for the hard rock category: may be Finnish or foreign, a bit older than brand new, a bit too heavy to be progressive rock, a bit too light to be metal. The lines between hard rock and the two abovementioned categories — or between hard rock and pop/rock, for that matter — are not easy to draw and could be the subject of many a heated discussion. As always, if you're having trouble finding a particular record, please do not hesitate to consult our staff. The hard core of the hard rock category consists of such names as Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Alice Cooper and Thin Lizzy.

These classics were new when the old people behind the counter were young. Mind you, these are the giants that lend their shoulders to current pop and rock artists.

Titles from tried-and-tested bands and labels that often reside in the fringe of popular music. These unknown celebrities and hidden gems may be the pioneers of tomorrow or just doomed into oblivion for eternity.

Category for Finnish music. This section is similar to Pop/Rock in that this is the place to look for all Finnish records that do not seem to fit in any of the other categories. There may be an occasional hiphop or metal or even punk album here, but in this case the title can be found both in this and in its more precise category.

All Finnish singles, regardless of genre, have been gathered in a common category. If you are looking for something by yet-to-be famous local artists, the chances are that you find it here. Note that many of these titles we sell on the artist's behalf, in which case we don't give loyalty card stamps for your purchase.

Music straight from the cotton fields. Mother of almost all of the other genres we sell. The trains come and go, but the fundamental truths never change.

All friends of psychobilly and rockabilly, look no further. This is also where to check out for Finland's own rautalanka.

Angry music, emphatic words. All varieties of punk, such as seventies punk, HC and OI!, have been forced into the same category. Rancid, Ramones, Misfits, Bad Religion and some other veterans have got their own subcategories.

Loads of old classics, some of the best of today, and a separate subcategory for Finnish jazz. Beautiful sleeve artwork, beautiful music, and even the price tags are often beautiful.

Along with world music, this category includes Finnish folk music. Take a look here and see all the beauty that the world of music can contain.

Our special category for electronic music. Not so much techno, but rather electronica, ambient and just plain buzz & hum. This is where you can find cool labels such as Ninja Tune, Warp and MoWax as well as the most elegant Finnish artists like Rinneradio, Jori Hulkkonen and Jimi Tenor.

For all you Latin lovers we stock a small selection of your favourite music. Salsa, rhumba, son, but also the albums from Buena Vista Social Club series can be found here.

Special category for soulful and danceable black music. From classics like Aretha Franklin, Otis Redding and The Meters to today's divas like Macy Gray and Erykah Badu.

East side, west side, south, beatbox, turntablism, freestyle. You name it, we just may have got it. Finnish hip hop is in its own subcategory.

Special section for Jamaican-style rhythms. Ska, rock steady, reggae, dance hall and other delicious tunes can be found here. This is Kimmo's favourite music, so be prepared that you might get an opinion from behind the counter on whatever's in this category, even if you never asked for one.

Category for used and second-hand discs. There are subcategories for different genres here as well as a separate slot for latest additions. This is where your redundant discs will end up if you decide to sell them to us.

All our DVDs are somehow connected with music; that is, we do not sell films, except for music films.

Most important new releases adorn the wall straight next to the entry door. We hope that this way you can find the hottest picks of the day without too much effort.

The vinyl disc is the cornerstone of rock music, and that's why we are particularly fond of them. The category for new vinyl includes all genres – even if some slight adjustments according to music style have been made. Our wholesale suppliers have a wide variety of vinyl records which you can order from us, as you can do with any CDs that we don't have in shop at the moment. Second-hand vinyl can be found in its own shelf, but the very finest ones adorn the wall. These beauties are usually the most hard to find or otherwise just nice to look at.

Music t-shirts and other articles of clothing can be found here.

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